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Image of Full Moon Tree Speak ogham (D223)

Full Moon Tree Speak ogham (D223)

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This Tree Speak ogham set was created on the full moon and contains the original 20 ogham staves. Each stave is handcrafted from the traditional corresponding tree, shrub and plant type. The sets are perfect for anyone seeking to connect with Full Moon energies.

Truly correct ogham sets are rare but each and every type of wood has been gathered together to create these beautiful tools to divination. This set includes the original twenty staves. If you'd like to also have the five Forfeda staves please click here to add them to your order (link will open in a new page).

The trees, shrubs and plants chosen for gathering the stave pieces are carefully selected to seek out what intuitively feels right. The pieces are respectfully gathered from woodland and green spaces with soul, and from land which retains a sense of magick and a memory of the ancestors who walked the earth before us. Each Tree Speak ogham set is individual, from the natural textures and shapes of the staves, through to the graining and colours within them. No two sets will ever be quite the same and the pieces are remarkably tactile, feeling full of positive energies.

The first two photos show the Full Moon set available in this listing and the next three pictures are of past stock sets to give more of an idea of the overall style of the Tree Speak ogham staves. The set is supplied with an information sheet to get you started, a simple cotton bag for storage and contains one each of the woods listed below:

Birch - Rowan - Alder - Willow - Ash
Hawthorn - Oak - Holly - Hazel - Apple
Vine - Ivy - Reed - Blackthorn - Elder
Silver Fir - Gorse - Heather - Poplar - Yew

Spirit of Old corresponding ogham staves - making the trees speak.

Size: 4.75 inches/ 12 cm (approx.)

Item no: D223

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