Custom-made items

Custom orders are currently paused. The main shop has been very busy recently (thank you!), so all the items made are currently being added for sale in our twice-weekly shop updates. It's always nice to make custom items, but it then means that there are fewer items (if any) heading into the shop. We do understand that it can be frustrating when the shop seems to be constantly sold out, but please understand that every single item in the shop is individually handcrafted by only one pair of hands :-) 

The shop is updated twice a week with new stock, usually on Monday and Thursday evenings, UK time. For more information, including timezone conversions, please click here


Are you interested in having an item custom made?
Or a piece crafted in a similar style to a previously sold item? It may be possible, depending on the availability of materials and the current custom work list. 

If you'd like to enquire, please see our Contact page or email [email protected] to find out what's possible, and about availability and timescale. If you can include details of the item you'd like, that would be very helpful - an item number if it's a past item, or a link, or pictures can also be good. 

Not all past items can be recreated, and the pieces are always individual so it's not really possible to have an exact copy made. Each piece created by Spirit of Old is individually hand crafted from natural materials so there will always be variations from past examples. The photographs and sizing can act as a good guide to overall style and general look rather than precise details. That's part of the beauty of handmade items :-)

We can often get a bit of an idea of what you'd like by referring to past items, but we can't offer exact copies. In our communications, we'll often discuss the overall style of a piece, but this will usually mean the way something will generally look (eg. a hare carving in yew wood vs a hare carving in bog oak) rather than very specific parts. If you're thinking of having an item made (either custom made, or made in the same style as a previously sold piece) please do let us know if any parts of the design/materials are particularly important to you. If you especially like the hook of the beak on a raven, or the bindrune which has been added to an amulet, or the fact that a pendant you're drawn to is smaller than our usual size, please let us know before you place your order. It's often possible to incorporate those parts into your design, but we need you to clearly communicate it to us - after all, you can see the image in your mind but we can't :-)  

Even if you've asked for a piece to be made in the same style as a particular past item, please do still tell us any parts which are important to you - we tend to look more at the overall style, the materials, etc. so if you can please tell us that you'd like your new piece to retain the string of rowan berries, or the carved symbol of the original, it helps alot. Usually, these things can be accommodated but only you know the little details which matter to you and so it's important to communicate them clearly beforehand. 

Hopefully, that also answers the question we get asked all the time "Why do you have so many sold out items in your shop?" Things tend to sell quite quickly (thank you!) and people often ask to have something made along the same lines as a previous item so it's incredibly useful to have those items visible to refer to. The past listings are helpful for showing the differences in styles, or details, and also to act as inspiration for those of you thinking of having a custom item made :-)