Next shop update: Monday 27th November (click for details)


Thanks for all the visits and purchases on the latest shop update :-)

Next shop update: Monday 27th November, evening UK time
I'll be aiming for 7pm, but will post here if it's likely to be different

See below for time zone conversions.

General update info:
Spirit of Old shop updates are generally every Monday and Thursday, evening UK time (see below for time conversions to your time zone).

Occasionally the days or times may vary, depending on whatever curveballs the week throws, but it's generally pretty regular.

The updates are usually at 7pm UK time but I'll add confirmation of that as it gets closer to the update so please check back on the day. Inevitably, there are times when life throws various curveballs so it's always possible that the time may vary a little, or (very occasionally) the day may need to be changed.

Time zone conversions for reference:
I believe these are correct, but please do check your own time zone to be sure. For your reference, Spirit of Old uses GMT, London time.

UK time - GMT: 7pm
US/Canada - PST (-8 hours): 11am
US/Canada - EST (-5 hours): 2pm
Europe - CEST (+1 hour): 8pm
Australia - AEDT (+11 hours): 6am (the following day/date - so a Thursday UK 7pm update would be 6am on Friday in Australia's AEDT zone)

Important note: We have always previously added new item updates via our Facebook page, but Facebook are severely limiting our ability to post. We're currently managing to post text updates and we can also link to pictures. However, just in case they remove that ability once again, please check in with this listing page or the shop update page on the blog rather than relying on Facebook.

We have no idea why Facebook are doing this, and no way of contacting Facebook to sort anything out. You can see more info about it on a Woodlarking post here.