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Are you interested in having a custom item made? Or a piece crafted in a similar style to a previously sold item? It may be possible, depending on the availability of materials and the current custom work list. If you'd like to enquire, please see our Contact page or email enquiries@spiritofold.co.uk to find out what's possible, and about availability and timescale. If you can include details of the item you'd like, that would be very helpful - an item number if it's a past item, a link or pictures can also be good.

Not all past items can be recreated, and the pieces are always individual so it's not really possible to have an exact copy made. Each piece created by Spirit of Old is individually hand crafted from natural materials so there will always be variations from past examples. The photographs and sizing can act as a good guide to overall style and general look rather than precise details. That's part of the beauty of hand made items :-)

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