Tree Breath Staves - Lunar Celtic Tree Calendar

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The Celtic Tree Calendar has several different variations. This lunar version begins and ends at the Celtic new year of Samhain (Hallowe'en) at the end of October. Each moon throughout the year corresponds to a different tree, it's energies and teachings.

This unique Tree Breath set contains the thirteen staves of the Lunar Celtic Tree Calendar, each one handcrafted from the traditional corresponding wood. As each new moon arrives, the corresponding stave can be used as an aid to meditation or attunement with both the new month and the tree itself. The staves can also be used for divination in the same way as the ogham or runes.

Supplied with a simple cotton bag for storage, a brief introductory sheet containing information about the tree calendar and the uses of the staves, and an information sheet about how to care for your staves. The sheets can be in PDF form for easy printing (recommended, and they're replaceable when they get lost!), or paper for gift-giving - please add a note in the message box during checkout if you wish to have a paper copy.

We work and play in the ancient Celtic heartlands of Britain where the Durotriges and Atrebates tribes ruled in prehistory. These tree calendar staves are handcrafted ritual tools with real Celtic soul, something with real spirit and as each set is individually made, no two are ever the same.

*Each set will vary slightly in shape, colour, texture and graining.* The pictures shown are past examples and, while the newly crafted sets will contain exactly the same wood types and be very similar in overall style and size, there will be small differences. That's part of the natural beauty of handcrafted items :-)

The set contains one each of the following woods:

Size: 5 inches/ 12.5 cm (approx.)

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