Tree Spirit Corresponding Runes (D051)

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The Tree Spirit corresponding rune set contains the full 24 Elder Futhark runes and is crafted from sixteen different wood types, all found naturally growing within the northern hemisphere.

Spirit of Old's craftsman has studied the runes in depth for many years and has worked closely with wood and trees for most of his life. Through learning about traditional pairings and using his own, deep knowledge of wood, he has skilfully brought together tree and rune to give a set of traditionally corresponding runes.

Some of the wood types feature only once in the set whereas others may be used to craft two or more different runes. The symbols are matched to the wood type which brings out the particular attributes of that rune and some of the wood types naturally overlap, simply because they are best matched to different aspects of the same woods.

A truly individual set of runes which is wonderful to work with.

Each set is supplied with a simple cotton storage bag, a guide to starting out with casting for divination, and an information sheet with the rune meanings, although there is no information about rune/wood pairings or the specific woods used to craft the set.

The sheets can be in PDF format for easy printing (recommended, and they're replaceable when they get lost!), or paper for gift-giving - please add a note in the message box during checkout if you wish to have a paper copy.

In the words of Spirit of Old's craftsman:
"The runes are an ancient alphabet of mystery, a system of writing which has been used throughout northern Europe since prehistory. The rune sets I make are crafted from the traditionally corresponding tree types used with the Elder Futhark. There are many newer correspondences which can be found, but they are "modern". When it comes to the making of these rune sets, I believe in the tradition which has been handed down over centuries!

Through my years of studying the runes, I have gathered the information for making runes which correctly match to their traditional wood types. The trees associated with the runic divination system are mostly native to England, with others being traditionally available from Scandinavia and other parts of the northern hemisphere.

Learning these wood types has been a very personal journey and I believe its up to the person who studies the runes to discover the correspondences for themselves during their own runic journey. These corresponding rune sets are for those who want to delve deeper into the divinatory side of runes ... every individual takes something different from the runes."

Rune size: Just over 1 inch - 1.75 inches/ 3 - 4.5 cm (very approximately - size varies throughout set)

Our ref: D051

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Each set will vary due to the natural shapes and colours of the individual pieces. The pictures shown with this listing act as a general guide and show past sets.