Stonehenge Hazel Rune Set (D236)

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This large, naturally shaped rune set contains the full 24 Elder Futhark runes and is crafted from hazel wood. The wood is from the land near the ancient, sacred site of Stonehenge in Southern Britain and feels full of positive energies.

The rune pieces are wonderfully chunky and tactile and will make an excellent set to work with, including personal use, in a group setting or for giving rune readings.

The set is supplied with a simple cotton bag for storage, a guide to starting out with casting for divination, an information sheet with the rune meanings, and an information sheet about how to care for your set. The sheets can be in PDF format for easy printing (recommended, and they're replaceable when they get lost!), or paper for gift-giving - please add a note in the message box during checkout if you wish to have a paper copy.

Rune Size: 1.25 inches/ 3.25 cm (approx. - varies throughout set)

Item no: D236

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