Saxon Crow Spell Box (TH078)

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This beautiful spell box is carved into a detailed Crow's head. Crows are considered to be birds of prophecy and visions. Like the shaman, they are said to look with one eye into the conscious world and with one eye into the inner world and see beneath the surface.

The wood of both box and lid is windfallen yew from a still-living tree. The tree has been growing for around a thousand years, dating back to the Saxon Age, and the piece contains interesting markings and a range of beautiful colours.

The box feels full of positive energies. It is suitable for keeping dried herbs, thorns, a small rolled spell scroll, or other small items.

This carved crow spell box makes a beautiful and very unusual piece.

Size (including lid): 17 cm/ 6.75 inches long (approx.)

Item no: TH078

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