Oak Kindred Spirit With Acorn Heart (KS063)

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This beautiful Kindred Tree Spirit figure has been created from a piece of windfallen oak, with an acorn heart added to the chest. The piece contains wonderful textures and the natural bark on the body contrasts beautifully with the warm-toned wood.

It is filled with our Druid's herb blend which includes herbs respectfully gathered from the land surrounding the sacred site of Stonehenge. The herbs are sealed inside with a plug of ancient Avalonian bog oak.

The free-standing figure is incredibly tactile, so feels good to hold during meditation or for ritual use. A woven cloak and a medicine bag complete it. The bag is also filled with our Druid's herb blend.

The base has a bindrune for ancestral connection added, and this can be seen in the last photo.

Crafted with real Celtic soul.

Size: 5.5 inches/14 cm tall (approx.)

Item no: KS063

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