Forest God figure (TS031)

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Forest God figures:
The Forest Gods are carved from windfallen oak wood from the Stonehenge area, with blackthorn antlers. They are modelled on Pan/Cernunnos and, in truly ancient style, have removable phalluses - archaeological examples of God-Dollies and Idols are often of indeterminate sex and have a detachable penis. Like the rest of the Tree Spirit figures, they incorporate many aspects of the woodlands where we live, carefully gathered with respect and care.

This particular Forest God figure has a goat leather cloak, raven feathers and a raven's foot, quartz crystal, a red deer antler tip, a boar's tooth, blackthorn thorns, rosehips, rowan berries and garnet eyes.

Further general information about the Forest Gods and Tree Spirit figures:
New to Spirit of Old, these Tree Spirit figures are our version of pieces which have been known since prehistoric times. They go by a multitude of names - God-Dollies, Idols, Ongons ... yet the idea is far older than even the earliest names. They have a deep connection to nature and our ancestral past. This is our take on these figures, an ancient idea brought forward for use in modern witchcraft.

The figures are a physical representation of a nature spirit. They are suitable for placing on an altar or for using as an altar centrepiece. The pieces are perfect for holding during meditation and also for ritual use.

The Tree Spirits are individually dressed using seasonal natural materials from the plant, bird and animal kingdoms, along with threads of silk, hemp, waxed cotton or linen, and usually either Irish hessian sacking or silk cloaks. The sacking and silk is left with a slightly frayed raw edge to fit in with the natural feel of these figures. Each figure will be dressed slightly differently and the materials used will incorporate a selection which will vary to bring together the many energies of the woodland.

Overall, the plant materials may generally include dried rosehips, dried berries from hawthorn, rowan, holly or elder and sometimes sloes from blackthorn. Also, bundles of hawthorns and of blackthorns, acorns from English oak and sometimes Holm oak, oak galls, beech masts, birch twig bundles and pine cones.

Hanging medicine bags are often added and are filled with dried mugwort, vervain and sometimes motherwort, elderflowers and elderberries, sometimes also rowan berries. In folklore, vervain is known as a sacred cleansing and purification herb. Mugwort has been used for millennia to aid clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and astral projection. Our ancestors are said to have drunk tea made from the leaves, to have used it in incenses and smoked it to induce visions.

Raven, crow, tawny owl and swan feathers may be added, and also carefully sourced raven and crow feet, deer and hare bone, boars' tusk and red deer antler. Crystals such as garnets or quartz are used with some of the figures and some may include carved mistletoe or bog wood beads and, occasionally, natural ochres.

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A general information sheet is included with the figure.

Size: 9.5 inches/24 cm tall (approx.)

Item no: TS031

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