Faery Woods Hedge Spirits (HS003)

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The three Faery woods are traditionally considered to be oak, ash, and hawthorn. This trio of natural and earthy Hedge Spirit figures have been created from warm-coloured hawthorn which was gathered with respect and care from the land surrounding Stonehenge in southern Britain.

The figures are all incredibly tactile, so feel good to hold during meditation or for ritual use, but they are not free-standing. They contain an oak plug in the chest, and are each adorned with a string of dried rowan berries, and a medicine bag. The bag is filled with our Druid's herb blend, created from herbs which are traditionally considered to aid protection and bring energies of peace.

The figure is also filled with the same herb blend, permanently sealed inside with a plug of ash to complete the Faery woods.

Crafted with real Celtic soul.

Size: 5.5 inches/14 cm long (approx.)

Item no: HS003

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