Birch Witch Figure (AP027)

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This newly crafted figurine is carved from naturally twisty birch wood, an unusual find, into a strong and powerful witch.

The natural bark has been left intact on the body, giving a wonderful contrast of colour and the piece feels full of positive and protective energies.

The witch has a woven cloak, raven feathers and a raven's foot. Acorns, a Hampshire hazelnut with a spiral added, an ancient symbol of life and lifeforce, and an animal bone have been added, along with strings of dried sloes, and rowan berries.

The figure is finished with a medicine bag filled with our Druid's herb blend, created from herbs which are traditionally considered to aid protection and bring energies of peace.

The witch is also filled with this blend, and the herbs are sealed inside with a plug of ancient Iceni bog oak.

A wonderfully special piece made with real Celtic soul.

Size: 28 cm/11 inches tall (approx.)

Item no: AP027

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