Spirit of Old Ballymote Ogham Dice (D164)

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These wonderful ogham dice are crafted in a similar way to the staves mentioned in the Irish myth of Tochmarc Étaíne. In the story, a druid named Dalan takes four "wands" of yew and carves the ogham symbols upon them so that he may use them for divination.

Perfect for popping in your pocket, these Ballymote ogham dice are carved from yew wood. They are pentagonal in shape with the five symbols of an aicme inscribed onto the spines. The four dice can be cast and the uppermost ogham symbol read.

We work and play in the ancient Celtic heartlands of Britain where the Durotriges and Atrebates tribes ruled in prehistory. Our Ballymote Ogham Dice are handcrafted ritual tools with real Celtic soul, something with real spirit and as each set is individually made, no two are ever the same.

Supplied with a drawstring cotton bag for storage and a brief information sheet.

The photos show previously crafted sets so there will be slight variations in the natural wood colour and markings, though that's part of the beauty of handmade pieces :-)

Size: 1 inch/ 2.5 cm (approx.)

Item no: D164

(c) Ballymote ogham dice name and style