Acorn-Heart Kindred Spirits (KS096)

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These beautifully simple Kindred Tree Spirit figures have been made from windfallen ancient oak wood from a still-living tree. The tree grows within a beautiful holloway, a lane walked by people dating back into the mists of time (read more here). An acorn heart has been added to the chest and the pieces contain wonderful textures and a range of colours and markings within the bark.

The figures are incredibly tactile, so feel good to hold during meditation or for ritual use. They are filled with our protective herb blend which includes herbs respectfully gathered from the land surrounding the sacred site of Stonehenge. The herbs are sealed inside with a plug of blackthorn which was carefully gathered at the time of the first harvest, known in the Pagan calendar as Lammas.

The base of each figure has a bindrune for ancestral connection added.

Crafted with real Celtic soul.

Size: Just under 5 inches/12.5 cm tall (approx.)

Item no: KS096

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