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Image of Wolf Spirit pendants (PE1424)

Wolf Spirit pendants (PE1424)


This group of Wolf Spirit pendants are each carved into a Celtic stylised Wolf, an animal which has long been regarded with awe. Ceridwen, the Celtic moon and fertility Goddess was associated with wolves and there are many myths and legends about the wolf being a close companion of humans and tales of nurture. Conversely, the wolf's ferocity is also well told, reminding us of their power. The wolf has associations with the moon, wisdom and in Celtic lore, also with winter from Samhain to Imbolc.

The two darker wolves on the left (#1 and #2) both have a bindrune for protection added to the back. This can also be added to any of the others free of charge. Please add a note during checkout if you wish to request this.

The pieces are as follows:
#1 and #2
Carved from bog oak from the Celtic tribal lands of Britain once walked by the Iceni queen, Boudicca. It's around 2,300 years old, dating back to the time of the Iron Age.

#1: Iceni Wolf Spirit (with protection bindrune on back)
#2: Iceni Little Wolf Brother (with protection bindrune on the back)

The slightly lighter pieces (#3 - #5) are carved from ancient Irish bog yew which is around 5,000 years old.

#3: Irish bog yew Wolf Mother
#4: Irish bog yew Wolf Spirit
#5: Irish bog yew burr Little Wolf Brother

Please select your preference from the drop down box - numbers refer to the last photo.

If you have a preference between cotton cord or leather thonging please add a note in the message box during checkout.

Pendant sizes: 5 - 6.5 cm/2 - 2.5 inches long (approx.)

Item no: PE1424

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International - £10
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