Wolf Spirit Pendants with Protective Bindrune (PE1681)

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These pieces are each newly carved into Celtic stylised Wolf Spirit pendants.

The wolf is an animal which has long been regarded with awe. Ceridwen, the Celtic moon and fertility Goddess was associated with wolves and there are many myths and legends about the wolf being a close companion of humans and tales of nurture. Conversely, the wolf's ferocity is also well told, reminding us of their power. The wolf has associations with the moon, wisdom and in Celtic lore, also with winter from Samhain to Imbolc.

The wood of #1 and #2 is beautifully dark Fenland bog oak which is around 2,300 years old, dating back to the time of the Iron Age. #3 and #5 are both carved from windfallen burr oak from a still-living tree. The tree has been growing for around a thousand years, dating back to the Saxon Age, and feels full of positive energies. Finally, #4 is red-toned Alder which which was respectfully gathered from the area of Stonehenge in southern Britain.

The pendants are all filled with our protective herb blend which includes herbs respectfully gathered from the land surrounding the sacred site of Stonehenge. The herbs are sealed inside with a plug of blackthorn. The blackthorn for pendants #3 and #5 was carefully gathered at the Summer Solstice. The blackthorn for pendants #1, #2, and #4 was gathered more recently, at Lammas.

The back of the pendants each has a bindrune for protection added and this can be seen in the second to last photo.

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Pendant size: 5 - 5.75 cm/2 - 2.25 inches long (approx.)

Item no: PE1681

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