Stonehenge Hazel Geomancy set (WG007)

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The Witches' Geomancy is a wonderful new addition to our range and is so interesting to work with! Geomancy is an ancient form of divination which is widely thought to have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere in the early Middle Ages. It consists of sixteen different figures, the characters of which are formed by the elements themselves.

Geomancy (literally meaning earth magick) has gradually changed and evolved over time but Spirit of Old Witches' Geomancy takes the method back to British witchcraft by reconnecting it with the elements once again. We carefully select wood which intuitively feels right to use. It is gathered from woodland and green spaces with soul, and from land which retains a sense of magick and a memory of the ancestors who walked the earth before us.

Each Witches' Geomancy set is individual, from the wood used for the main staves, through to the graining and colours within it. No two sets will ever be quite the same and the pieces are remarkably tactile, feeling full of positive energies. The sets consist of four beautifully crafted staves containing plugs of wood from each of the elementally corresponding trees - ash for fire, birch for air, alder for water and yew for earth.

The main wood for this particular set is hazel which was respectfully gathered from near to the ancient, sacred site of Stonehenge in southern Britain. The set is completed with a cotton drawstring bag for storage and a detailed information booklet to introduce you to this wonderful, but lesser known, form of divination.

The first four photos are of the set available in this listing, the last photo shows a different set with the information booklet.

The Witches' Geomancy name and design (c) Spirit of Old 2017

Size: 12.5 cm/5 inches long (approx.)

Item no: WG007

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