Saxon Yew Owl Amulet (DAM554)

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This dream amulet is carved into an owl. Owls are traditionally associated with dreams and night journeys. The wood is windfallen yew from a still-living tree. The tree has been growing for around a thousand years, dating back to the Saxon Age, and feels full of positive energies. The piece contains interesting markings and a range of beautiful colours.

The base of the amulet has a bindrune for ancestral connection added and this can be seen in the last photo.

The owl is free-standing on a flat surface and is very tactile - perfect for holding during sleep or meditation. It is filled with our Druid's herb blend and includes herbs respectfully gathered from the land surrounding the sacred site of Stonehenge. The herbs are sealed inside with a plug of ancient Avalonian bog oak.

This amulet is infused with the energies of this potent ancient herb blend from inside and will make an excellent guide to aid you on your dream journeys.

Size: Just under 2 inches/5 cm tall (approx.)

Item no: DAM554

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