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Reserved listing 15-02-21

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This is a reserved listing. Please only purchase it if you've been sent the link, thanks :-)

This listing is for an Iceni bog oak Thor's hammer pendant carved in the general style shown here.

As every item is hand carved, there will always be differences from previously made pieces. The link above gives a good idea of the overall style but the exact sizing, exact shape, small carved details, etc can all vary. That's part of the beauty of handmade items :-)

The bog oak used will be from a different origin to the Thor's hammer shown in the link above, so it will be darker. Colours and shades vary, even within the same wood type and origin, but the Iceni bog oak which will be used for this custom order is generally quite dark. You can see a past example for a general idea of it shown here.

Please allow roughly 8 weeks between payment and posting for your item to be made. If you have any queries regarding your order please feel free to email enquiries@spiritofold.co.uk

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