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Irish Crow amulet (DAM386)

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This dream amulet is carved into a detailed Crow's head. Crows are considered to be birds of prophecy and visions. Like the shaman, they are said to look with one eye into the conscious world and with one eye into the inner world and see beneath the surface. The wood is ancient bog yew from Ireland and is around 5,000 years old. It is rich in colour, with red tones, and feels full of positive energies.

The Crow is very tactile. It has not been crafted with the intention of being worn as jewellery although some customers do choose to wear pieces as necklaces. Suitability would be dependent on size and preferred style as many pieces would be too chunky for the purpose - please check you're happy with the size before purchase. Its primary purpose is for hanging near the bed for a dream charm or holding during sleep or meditation. It has a hole for hanging and is supplied with leather or cotton cord thonging - if you have a preference please add a note in the message box during checkout.

The amulet is filled with dried betony, a pretty herb (see last picture) which has been used since ancient times to protect against nightmares, ghosts and sorcery. The older written references to it are all quite similar, strengthening the argument for its effectiveness in aiding a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

The first written reference to betony is by a Roman physician called Antonius Musa, who claimed it as effective against sorcery. It is also said to have been planted in churchyards to prevent activity by ghosts. The Anglo Saxon Herbal recommends its use to prevent "frightful nocturnal goblins and terrible sights and dreams". In a similar vein, a Welsh charm says that to prevent dreaming, "take the leaves of betony, and hang about your neck, or else drink the juice on going to bed".

The herbs are permanently sealed inside with a protective plug of yew wood which was carefully and respectfully gathered from the land surrounding Stonehenge in southern Britain.

This amulet is infused with the energies of this potent ancient herb from inside and will make an excellent guide to aid you on your dream journeys.

Size: Just over 3 inches /8 cm long (approx.)

Item no: DAM386

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