Celtic Tree Calendar bead necklace (RN015)

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The Celtic Tree Calendar begins and ends at the Celtic new year of Samhain (Hallowe'en) at the end of October. Each moon throughout the year corresponds to a different tree, it's energies and teachings. This unique necklace contains all thirteen woods of the Celtic Tree Calendar and the colours of the different woods are simply beautiful.

Each wood piece used for the thirteen beads has been respectfully gathered from the prehistoric landscape located within the ancient kingdom of Wessex, southern Britain. We carefully collect wood from places of ancient revere, centres of earth energy and from green spaces which speak to your soul.

Andy, Spirit of Old's craftsman, has been a maker of ritual necklaces for many years. Over time he has carefully studied the energies, forces and elements which work closely together. He is deeply attuned to the land and trees in a large area throughout Wessex and is well practised at marrying the correct tree to the purpose needed.

This bead set is perfect for wearing as a necklace during rituals, for bringing the energies of the Celtic tree calendar to your altar and also for use during meditation. The beads can be worn or carried independently of each other to help you enhance your relationship with each of the calendar trees. Each of the beads has the ogham symbol of the tree carved onto it and the set is sent with an information sheet and cotton drawstring storage bag.

This particular set consists of one bead each of:

Birch - Rowan - Willow - Alder - Ash
Hawthorn - Oak - Holly - Hazel
Apple - Blackthorn - Yew - Elder

It is finished with two smaller beads - one carved from mistletoe and one carved from ancient Irish bog yew.

Main bead size: 1.5 inches/ 3.75 cm (approx. - varies slightly)
Overall necklace length (end to end of the wooden beads): 21.5 inches/ 55 cm (approx.) The cotton thonging is longer than this so the length can be adjusted.

Item no: RN015

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