Ancient Yew Root Kindred Spirit (KS078)

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This Kindred Spirit figure has been newly carved from the root of a windfallen, but still living ancient yew tree. The piece contains interesting markings and a range of beautiful colours.

It is filled with our Druid's herb blend which includes herbs respectfully gathered from the land surrounding the sacred site of Stonehenge. The herbs are sealed inside with a plug of blackthorn which was carefully gathered at Beltane.

The free-standing figure is incredibly tactile. The front has an area which is especially smoothed and naturally draws thumbs and fingers to connect with it. It feels good to hold during meditation or for ritual use.

The back has Old Norse runic script saying "Til verja", meaning to protect. The base has a bindrune for ancestral connection and this can be seen in the last photo.

Crafted with real Celtic soul.

Size: 6 inches/15 cm long (approx.)

Item no: KS078

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