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Image of Avalon Moon Goddess figurine (AP003)

Avalon Moon Goddess figurine (AP003)

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This large altar piece is crafted from an impressively sized piece of bog oak and carved into a beautiful Goddess with a full moon above her head. The wood is ancient bog oak from the Glastonbury area in southern Britain and is around 3,500 years old, dating back to the Bronze Age. It is a beautifully deep, rich colour and feels full of positive energies. The figurine is free-standing on a flat surface and is wonderfully tactile - perfect for holding during meditation.

The Goddess is filled with yarrow, grasses and white clover, all carefully gathered from the ancient, sacred prehistoric mound of Silbury Hill in southern England. Hedge-gathered herbs considered sacred to the Druids are also added to the mix - mugwort, vervain, enchanter's nightshade, bluebell, juniper, knapweed, heather flowers, lavender and mistletoe. The herbs are permanently sealed inside with a protective plug of heather.

Yarrow brings its strong associations with clairvoyance and powers to promote divination. Lavender is a powerful herb which brings peace, harmony and encourages positive thought. Vervain is a sacred cleansing and purification herb. Juniper has strong associations with healing and mistletoe is added for its traditional connections with Druids. Mugwort has been used for millennia to aid clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and astral projection. Our ancestors drank tea made from the leaves and it has also been used in incenses or smoked to induce visions.

This piece is infused with the energies of this potent ancient herb from inside and will make an excellent addition to your altar or sacred space.

Amulet size: 20.5 cm/8 inches tall (approx.)

Item no: AP003

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